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NVIDIA Driver Widget

December 17th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Here’s a widget from NVIDIA to help their consumers find and update their drivers. This widget will allow site owners to provide a quick and easy tool for their users to find NVIDIA drivers.

The widget has two methods for finding drivers.

  • use the usual form of dropdown lists to filter and search
  • use the auto detection tool to scan a user’s system

From NVIDIA.com
Do you want to offer your visitors a way to automatically detect the latest NVIDIA drivers? With one quick cut and paste, you can now create a link to NVIDIA’s graphics driver download widget!

Mini Review


  • Nice clean design
  • Good way to get the brand out there
  • May serve as a nice way to remind consumers to update drivers


  • Widget is not configurable
  • Default sizes are not typical widths
  • No sharing methods within the widget
  • Requires acceptance of Legal Terms before getting the embed codes

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