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Iron Man 2 Movie Trailer Widget a Flop

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2

We came across the official Iron Man 2 movie trailer widget today via a friend’s Facebook stream. After clicking through to view it, we felt compelled to give it a quick review.

There is so much wrong with the widget that we will only focus on the top 3 items. Let’s hope the movie itself is much better.

Interestingly enough, a quick Google search returned an official UK version of the Iron Man 2 movie trailer widget that was significantly better. Both widgets are below for comparison and reference. They are not easy to find on the official Iron Man 2 movie site.

The Top 3 Problems

  1. Is this even a widget?
    We ask this question because there really isn’t any way to embed this widget out of the box. If you know what you are doing, you can take the widget and put it on your site or blog. However, if you are not technical, you are locked into the standard AddThis sharing and bookmarking options. They really should have added basic code for people to embed this widget. Otherwise, it really is just a video player with the option to share the video to other networks. It is being reviewed as a widget due to the fact that they themselves call it a widget via the page title “Sharing Widget” and the filename of the page, videoWidget.html.

  2. Let’s be smart and drive traffic to the right destinations!
    Let’s forget #1 and throw it out. Even with that out of the way, this video widget/player does all the wrong things. The bookmarking features drive traffic to a dead-end page and a poorly designed page at that. Why not build out a widget landing page as part of the main site? Why not drive traffic to a YouTube channel? Almost any destination page at this point would be better than a basic top left aligned video player on a black background that goes nowhere.

  3. Can we even call this a video player?
    This is 2010, what professional high profile video player only has Play, Pause, Progress and Replay functions? Where’s the Volume, Mute, Fullscreen, Related Videos, etc? And, what’s with the Autoplay turned on by default?


The US version of the Iron Man 2 movie trailer widget is severely lacking both as a widget and as a video player. While we did not entirely fall in love with the UK version nor did we provide a review, it is clearly a better widget overall and developed by an entirely different team. Unfortunately, with different theatrical release dates, it may not be practical to use a version that is not local to your site.


Official Iron Man 2 Movie Trailer Widget (US Version)

Official Iron Man 2 Movie Trailer Widget (UK Version)