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Within Route Widget – find businesses along your route

Within Route

Within Route

Within Route is a site and widget that allows you to quickly and easily find businesses along your route. Powered by Yelp and Google Maps, enter your start and end locations along with a search term. The driving route is returned with businesses matching your criteria within approximately 1 mile of your route. Click on a business marker and get driving directions with the business set as a waypoint. With this new service provided by Within Route, you can quickly plan a pit stop on your way to your destination.

This is a great tool and service if you need to pickup a last minute house warming gift on your way to a party. You can also use the tool to plan a meeting place between two locations. For example, planning a lunch meeting convenient to both participants. No need to go out of your way. These are just a couple of ways you can utilize Within Route. Given it’s features, we’re sure users will adapt the service for their own needs and uses.

The business listings are powered by Yelp and links to reviews on Yelp are also provided. The maps and driving directions are provided by Google.

The website currently supports standard browsers and mobile browsers on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android. To take it even further, there is a Facebook App version for users who want to stay on Facebook and a widget version for site owners who would like to have these features on their site.

Within Route – find businesses along your route

* Disclaimer: we are involved in the development of Within Route

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