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Iron Man 2 Movie Trailer Widget a Flop

April 12th, 2010 No comments
Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2

We came across the official Iron Man 2 movie trailer widget today via a friend’s Facebook stream. After clicking through to view it, we felt compelled to give it a quick review.

There is so much wrong with the widget that we will only focus on the top 3 items. Let’s hope the movie itself is much better.

Interestingly enough, a quick Google search returned an official UK version of the Iron Man 2 movie trailer widget that was significantly better. Both widgets are below for comparison and reference. They are not easy to find on the official Iron Man 2 movie site.

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2010 March Madness on Demand Widget

March 16th, 2010 No comments
NCAA® March Madness on Demand®

NCAA® March Madness on Demand®

Just released today by!

Here is the 2010 NCAA® March Madness on Demand® Widget. It’s pretty basic right now and there’s not much info on it. The first game doesn’t tip till 7:30 PM Eastern tonight so there’s nothing to do on the widget yet.

However, we assume that once the games start going, the widget will get updated scores and allow you to click through to the live game being streamed online at NCAA® March Madness on Demand®.

We love the tourney around here. So, if all it did was give you an easy way to browse the schedule and launch the games you want to watch, we’ll be happy.

Yes, that’s a pretty low bar to set, but hey it’s March Madness…

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2010 March Madness NCAA Tournament Final Four Widgets

March 15th, 2010 No comments

March Madness begins… With Selection Sunday over and the first games just around the corner, here are a couple of widgets for the 2010 NCAA® Division I Men’s Basketball Championship from Track your favorite team’s progress on their way to the Final Four.

The widgets provide the usual suspect of Scores, Standings, Polls, News and Message Boards updated automatically.

Grab your own widgets now and stay informed!

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Widget Tool to Generate Google Static Maps With Routes and Paths

February 26th, 2010 No comments
Google Static Maps

Google Static Maps

You can now easily generate Google static maps with routes and paths using our new widget.

1) Use the map tool to draw your routes and paths

  • Find the location you want to start with and click on map to drop the marker
  • Find the next location and repeat
  • You can move a marker after has been dropped
  • To move great distances in the map you can enter the location and search; centering the map using the search does not drop a marker

2) The static map URL will be automatically generated for you

3) Click “Preview Map” to open the static map preview in a new window/tab

4) Copy/Paste the URL to your web site, page or blog as a IMG tag SRC

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2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Widgets

February 22nd, 2010 No comments
Vancouver Olympics 2010

Vancouver Olympics 2010

The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver are well underway and it’s been a great games. In fact, the US Olympics Team has been amazing so far. From Shaun White’s double McTwist 1260 on this victory lap to Lindsey Vonn’s first ever USA Gold in the Women’s downhill on a bruised shin to the USA Men’s 5-3 win over Canada in hockey. These are just a few of the highlights as USA currently holds the top spot with 24 overall medals.

We love the Olympics for the sports, competition and spirit of the games. If you can’t get enough of it on TV, here are three widgets to keep you updated online.

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