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StickiWidgets Search Widget

March 24th, 2007 No comments

Derek over at Widgets Lab reminded us that we never officially announced the release of our Search Widget based on the Google AJAX Search API. The original idea was taken from the AnswerTips Widget and spawned from these posts (#1 and #2).

Go to the StickiWidgets Search Widget permanent page for more details and installation instructions.

Here is a quick summary.

A slightly more integrated version of the widget is enabled on this site. Highlight any text and press q to try it out.

There is obviously more work that can be done so comments and feedback are always welcomed.

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The Answer to the AnswerTips Widget

February 23rd, 2007 11 comments

We posted a quick review of the AnswerTips Widget the other day. Unfortunately, the short review resulted in a comment that has bugged us for a couple of days. That comment, in conjunction with some user comments over on Widgetoko’s post on the same topic, has pushed us to prototype a Search Widget much like AnswerTips. In our opinion, it adds some features that we feel are beneficial to the users.

Comments are always welcomed. But, to avoid any confusion, we are not disclaiming the value of the AnswerTips widget. We happen to think it has potential. What we are doing is illustrating some features that we feel are useful to users, especially to users with the same mindset/browsing practices that we have. There will obviously be users who browse differently or think differently.

Key Features:

Currently only tested and verified to work with Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7.

Highlight text and then press q (on this site) to see how the prototype search widget works.

Please understand that this is a prototype and does have issues. Feel free to provide feedback. If you are experiencing problems, make sure that the page fully loads. There are several test widgets on this site which cause long load times.

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AnswerTips Widget

February 20th, 2007 2 comments

Widgetoko has a post on a new widget that provides answers and definitions to any word that is double-clicked on a site or blog where the widget is enabled. We did not install the widget for testing so head over to Widgetoko for a demo.

The AnswerTips widget is from When installed, anyone that double-clicks a word will get a “bubble of information” for the word. Testing on Widgetoko returns mostly accurate (within context) information or definitions for the word.

Overall the widget worked well. However, there were two major issues we saw with the widgets. The first concern is the same as the one voiced by Widgetoko. We don’t believe the average user double-clicks a word to initiate an action. The only time we think this would happen is when someone wants to copy-paste a single word. However, this leads to our second issue. We believe that multi-word selections are more common and because of this we believe multi-word definitions or information would be more useful and relevant.

These two issues will make it difficult for the widget to be widely adopted. At this point, most people are used to highlighting (copy/paste) phrases and searching Google from the Google Toolbar. That’s pretty hard to beat.

Again, for more information and a functioning demo check out Widgetoko.

Note: We do not have any data to support the claims made above. It is just our opinion.

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