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Nimbuzz Launches Free iPhone iPod Touch VoIP and Chat App

November 26th, 2008 1 comment

Here’s an interesting press release, we haven’t tested so no comments or review yet.



Brings free IM buddy calling, landscape mode chat, and massive instant messaging and social network support to iPhone and iPod touch

26 November 08 – Rotterdam – Nimbuzz (, the most comprehensive mobile Instant Messaging, (geo) presence and VoIP provider launches into the Apple iPhone App Store. The free application lets users call, chat and message, for free, with their friends on virtually all major instant messaging communities and social networks, including Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook, MySpace, AIM, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, and more.

Specifically for the needs of iPhone users, this will be the first complete messaging product available with landscape mode chat, IM buddy calling (including Yahoo!), and regional social network support – and it is free.

Users turn the product on its side to use a wide keyboard for fast and easy typing. Furthermore, Nimbuzz is the first product to offer IM buddy calling over Wifi to Yahoo! Messenger as well as Google Talk, Skype, and Windows Live Messenger.

Nimbuzz supports chat for local social networks, such as StudiVZ, the biggest German speaking social network, Hyves for The Netherlands, and Gadu-Gadu in Poland.

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Clever Hippo a Search Engine for Apps and Widgets

November 14th, 2007 No comments

We just received an email about Clever Hippo. They claim to be a search engine for apps and widgets.

From their email:

Clever Hippo Application Search is a search engine for applications and widgets across the web. A more robust version of our Facebook search app, the new Clever Hippo searches the thousands of applications and widgets that are available for your favorite social network, mobile device, blog, home page, and desktop. Clever Hippo Application Search helps you find the apps and widgets that you are looking for.

After playing around with it for a few minutes, it does seem interesting. There is a fair amount of apps and widgets already in the search engine and there is a submission process for developers to get their apps/widgets included.

The search results are as expected and they have added a voting system for users to vote for popular apps or widgets.

Clever Hippo themselves have both a Facebook app and a HTML widget.

If you have ever used Facebook’s app search, you know how bad it is, which creates a space for Clever Hippo to fill. However, if Facebook ever fixes their app directory and search it will severely impact Clever Hippo.

Branching out to other platforms and systems is a good move for them, but it will be tough to compete with existing well established widget directories. At this point, it’s still better and easier to go to WidgetBox or Apple for specialized searches, among others. However, there is space for a cross platform app and widget specific search engine. So, if they do it right, it could still pay off.

For now, Clever Hippo is pretty basic. For us, its real benefit is that it is a replacement for the broken Facebook app search. We will have to see how they develop and grow the search engine to fill the app/widget search space while there’s little competition.

Friday Video Starring iPhone and the Total Blender

July 13th, 2007 No comments

Some of you may find this amusing and some may not. Blendtec, the makers of the Total Blender, have been marketing their product by blending various objects and posting the videos online.

Below is the latest video.

For more videos, check out the Blendtec YouTube profile.

[via Coolz0r]

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More iPhone News

July 6th, 2007 No comments

Developing for the Apple iPhone

Apple has released Web Development Guidelines for the iPhone. Developing web applications for the iPhone involves Safari 3 and Safari Web Kit engine.

From Apple:

“Developers can create Web 2.0 applications that look and behave just like the applications built into iPhone, and provide seamless integration with iPhone applications and services including making a phone call, sending an email, and displaying a location in Google Maps. Third-party applications created using web standards can extend iPhone’s capabilities without compromising its reliability or security.”

[via The Unofficial Apple Weblog]

iPhone Apps and Widgets Lists

iPhone Application List

From iPhone Application List:

“ is a site dedicated to 3rd Party iPhone Applications.The iPhone has not yet been released but already developers have released some amazing apps.”

iPhone Widget List

From iPhone Widget List:

“The List is a reference site to find iPhone widget and app concepts on the web. We expect this list to evolve from prototypes and concepts to working web apps formatted specifically for the iPhone.”

[via Widgets Lab]

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iPhone Marketing and People Who Bought into It

July 3rd, 2007 No comments

Looks like Apple and Jobs did a great job marketing the iPhone. It pays (or saves in this case) to do a little research, most (if not all) retail stores have purchase limits during product launches.

[via Mashable]

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