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AddThis WordPress Plugin Facebook Sharing Patch

February 18th, 2010 2 comments

A few days ago, we’re not sure the exact time, something changed which caused problems when sharing an AddThis WordPress plugin enabled blog page to Facebook. The FB shares do not have the correct page title, description or images. This problem actually affects any page that uses the AddThis code specified in the technical section later in the post. However, we are only going to address the plugin related problems at this time and provide you with a simple patch.

Here’s a quick little patch for the WordPress AddThis plugin. Follow these instructions at your own risk. This patch has only been tested on WP 2.9.2 and AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget 1.6.1. We do not guarantee the patch nor do we take any responsibility if something breaks.

This patch will only fix pages that are considered by WordPress to be A Single Page, Single Post or Attachment (WP Codex: is_singular). These pages are probably the majority of your important shares.

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Get Help For Your Golf Game Video Tip of the Day Gadget

August 13th, 2008 No comments

Stats for College Basketball Nuts

December 27th, 2007 No comments

Anyone who’s into sports knows how hard it is to get good free stats. The average person can’t collect the stats themselves and spends way too much time visiting various sports sites to get the information they want. Let’s not even talk about paying for that data. is a site that provides a slew of college basketball stats for free. We’re not sure where they are getting the data. But, from the looks of the footer, it is at least partially from STATS. Sports stats data is a big industry and regardless whoever is providing the data, you can bet will not be providing any free stats data APIs. However, it looks they can and do provide charts (chartlets). This is not to be unexpected, it’s expensive and time consuming to collect sports stats. Data providers have to limit what their clients/partners can do and how data is subsequently distributed.

The chartlets and boxscore widgets are more than sufficient for your “average” (read non-developer) sports nut and blogger. There is a wide range of charts to choose from and type of data and comparisons. You can really add value to your blog or personal page/site with the chartlets. But, your options and locations will be limited as it appears that currently all chartlets and widgets are either JavaScript or iFrame based. This problem will diminish as social networks and sites begin to open up their platforms.

This model has its obvious pros and cons. We are referring to the chartlets and boxscore widgets and not the entire site as a whole. Since we are a widget focused blog, we are only reviewing that aspect of their service.

The biggest pro is that it’s free. does a good job of creating chartlets and boxscore widgets. The amount and diversity of stats is just plain awesome. Or as they put it, “The most comprehensive college basketball stats on the web.”

However, there are a couple cons. The chartlets and boxscores, since we can’t create our own directly from data feeds, need to be more customizable. Features like size, colors, etc. would have been good. We also felt that it was difficult to get a specific chart. You have to navigate to a page on the site with the chart you want to grab the code. At least that’s the only way we knew how, after a short stint on the site. A basic chartlet building tool/page where you can select the chart type, teams, stats, size and colors would have been great. Cut out the whole process of searching through the site for what you are trying to get.

Overall, is a great site for college basketball fanatics. There are all the stats you could ever want, all in one place. The chartlets and widgets are in their early stages and could use some work but it is a good start and there’s definitely a market for it.

Here are a couple of examples:

Blog Humor

October 9th, 2007 No comments


Internet Commenter Business Meeting

This is what happens when corporations change pwn3rship.


Viewer Voices: Where We Respond To The Opinions Of Our Uninformed Viewers

The Onion News Network’s Brandon Armstrong responds to viewers’ emails, texts, and chats–no matter how inane.

Viewer Voices: Where We Respond To The Opinions Of Our Uninformed Viewers

[via TechCrunch]

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WebbAlert Keeps You Updated

August 3rd, 2007 No comments

Morgan Webb of G4TV’s XPlay has started her own video blog, WebbAlert. Initially it will be daily from Monday to Thursdays. We’ve liked her on XPlay and so far, the first 2 video blogs show promise. The video blogs aim to be short snippets (about 5 minutes long) of the goings on around the web.

Check out the first 2 episodes…

WebbAlert – August 2, 2007

WebbAlert – August 3, 2007

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