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Kismet Chat – New Features

October 19th, 2006 No comments

We have updated Kismet Chat with a handful of new features. The live video board still loads 12 random Stickam players. At 15 second intervals a random screen will be loaded with a new live user. Duplicate streams should not be loaded and users on your Block list will not be loaded.

There are now 5 additional functions per screen.

Kismet Chat Button

Close and Lock Screen
Unloads the live video stream and locks the screen from reloading.

Block User and Reload Screen
Add the user to the Block List and Reloads screen with new random stream.

Open Profile
Opens the Stickam user profile in a new window.

Reload Screen
Reloads the screen with new random stream.

Lock/Unlock Screen

Locks and Unlocks the screen for reloads.

Two additional buttons and functions were added.

Block List
Opens a window and lists your blocked user list. Remove users from the block list.

Reload All
Initiates the reload of all 12 screens.

Kismet Chat Thumbnail

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Serendipity is In

October 17th, 2006 No comments

Serendipitous Chat has received significant traffic in the last few days. It has dropped substantially since its peak, but there is still some nice traffic. We appreciate all the attention and the people who enjoy the site. Our reports show that while visitor counts have been declining, the number of “return visitors” is at 45% for today. That’s great for us to see… We will continue to improve the site and features for you all to enjoy.

Serendipity of another sort made the news over at Read/Write Web. They have a nice post and interview with Garrett Camp, Chief Architect and co-founder of StumbleUpon. If you haven’t already, you should go check out the interview and definitely check out StumbleUpon. It is highly recommended.

… Garrett muses on the serendipity of SU and the “social interaction that emerges from using StumbleUpon” …
Read/Write Web

Update (2006.10.17 @ 9:45 PDT): Just saw this post over at Chris Pirillo’s blog about “paid placement” of sites on StumbleUpon. We don’t have enough information to make a call on this one. You can decide for yourselves and read the excerpt from the email Chris received.

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Serendipitous Chat Dugg!

October 15th, 2006 No comments

Serendipitous Chat was dugg a little over 24 hours ago. We have been monitoring the site and the traffic for the last 24 hours and everything looks good. There were no issues or outages that we know of and performance of the site itself was good. Not all the numbers are in, but Google Analytics is telling us we had over 20,000 unique visitors and 40,000 page views in the first 24 hours. That’s not all of it though, since the Stickam player is loaded with the help of Ajax, it is hard to determine all of the traffic on the site. We will have to wait for more detailed reporting from our hosting provider and see how many times the responder was hit. It also appears that Stickam’s video chat system held up to the additional traffic without any problems. We never imagined that we would receive this kind of attention and make it to

Additional features are still planned for Serendipitous Chat and other variations of the theme so check back for updates.

As always, feedback and comments are welcomed.

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New Site Release – Stickam Live Video Wall

October 10th, 2006 No comments

With the bad news about server performance from earlier today, we decided to release a new fun little site. During a chat yesterday with Aaron Novak (newave) of Stickam, he mentioned a mosaic video wall. Coincidentally we had been playing around with the Grouper GLite, fun video discovery interface, and figured we could do something similar. While this is incomplete and still requires much work on performance and features, it is still a fun site to visit for a bit. The domain name doesn’t really match the site, but it was one of the names we passed over for the Serendipitous Chat site and we didn’t want it to go to waste so we used it anyways.

When you first visit the site it will load 12 “live” video streams from Stickam users. Due to the data performance issues and users who do not stream video, there will be video screens that are blank or offline. After the initial load, a random live stream will be reloaded with a new random stream every 15 seconds. Duplicate streams are ignored so the update interval will vary depending on the randomizer. There should not be any duplicate streams within the 12 screens.

To mute the audio of a Stickam video/audio stream, just click on the green speaker icon in the top left corner of the appropriate screen. If the Stickam user is not in “Broadcast Only” or “Private” mode, you can launch the Stickam live video chat window by clicking on the screen/image of the appropriate Stickam video stream. All features of the Stickam video chat system will then function as normal. At this point, you are essentially opening a new browser window and handed off to

As usual, there is the regular smattering of Ajax, Web 2.0 design and live video chat to keep things interesting.

Keep in mind we did this in only a couple of hours but feel free to provide us with feedback, suggestions or bugs.


Also check out if you haven’t already.

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Stickam Updates and New Features

September 27th, 2006 No comments

Stickam was down today for maintenance and release of new features. Unfortunately, there seems to be small lingering bugs still floating around. Nothing major but for some of us it is a distraction.

User Messaging: You can now send messages to other Stickam users. There are 2 forms of messaging, text and video/audio. Text messaging is pretty straight forward, much like any other system. However, there is an option to send a video/audio message. This is a pretty interesting feature but an obvious one for Stickam since they are a multimedia tool after all. We did notice though that it looks like you can only send video messages to people on your friends list. Otherwise, you can only send text. You can save the video/audio comment to your own gallery, which is a nice touch. Of course, a preview is available before sending.

Set Default Player for Profile Page: Users have always had the ability to customize a Stickam player. But, now they can actually pick the player that they want to display as the default player on their profile. Unfortunately, due to the way the profile pages are coded and floated, only 2 of the players actually look decent on the page (160×400 or 480×210 players).

Personal Tags: There is now the option to add personal tags to your profile. This will give users the ability to tag themselves and allow others to search on these tags.

User List Update Interval: Apparently there were some performance issues with the hosted chats. This new feature gives you the ability to set the update interval for the user list of your chat player. The intervals are 1, 3, 5, or 10 seconds.

Stickam originally launched as if it was positioning itself to be a multimedia tool and widget. These new features, along with the friends list features from a couple of weeks ago, changes things a bit. It now looks like Stickam is building out a social network of their own and heading straight for the likes of MySpace, Friendster, et al. This may not be a bad idea given the lock down of flash on MySpace. But, it definitely will be an up hill climb…

There is a viable play for Stickam. They do have a compelling feature set, though very rough around the edges. In a post on Evoca today, Pete Cashmore commented, “most users prefer visual content to audio”. This is a good sign for Stickam given their video chat system and multimedia capabilities.

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