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Clearspring Reaches Half the Internet Users

May 28th, 2009 No comments

Congratulations to Hooman and the gang over at Clearspring.

According to Comscore, over 520 million unique viewers each month is the reach of Clearspring’s sharing platform. That makes Clearspring the largest distributed sharing platform on the web covering half of the people on the internet worldwide.

Here’s a great write up/interview over at ReadWriteWeb,
Clearspring Sees What 1/2 The Internet is Doing (API Coming Soon).

Hooman also posted some information on his blog regarding some upcoming updates to AddThis. Here’s a snippet from his post Moving to One Sharing Platform – AddThis vision being realized

“Before, AddThis specialized in enabling users to share links back to your website. Now with our API, you can also enable your users to post embeddable content like videos, photos and more – taking your site experience with them. We have leveraged our experience with widgets at Clearspring to provide a simple approach that we think will be truly powerful. We’ll be doing another update to this capability soon that will enable even more of the powerful widget-sharing functionality from Clearspring to be leveraged via AddThis.”

We’re looking forward to what interesting things Clearspring has in the works. Sounds like they’ve got some great things lined up.

Travel Widgets for Planning a Trip or Just Dreaming

April 16th, 2009 No comments

Down in the dumps, bored, laid off, need a break or just want to dream?

Here are some widgets from to get you started.

Each of the widgets does something different.

  • Travel Weather and Season Predictor: Enter a destination, month and get the weather prediction with information about the travel season.
  • Travel Cost Calculator: Enter a destination and it spits out the “estimated” daily cost. You can specify Budget, Mid range or Luxury and your choice of 3 currencies.
  • Travel Picture of the Day: Auto updates daily with a new vacation picture to distract you from what you’re suppose to be doing.

Overall, the 3 widgets are nice and simple. We can see how they would be interesting and add value to a site or blog. One thing we really liked is the input suggestions and auto complete on the destination input fields. It definitely makes it easier to input and get the right destinations.

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Movie Trailers Widget Powered by Trailer Addict

January 9th, 2009 1 comment

Saw a post over at Widgets Lab today on a movie trailer widget. While it was interesting, there where a few things that were lacking.

So, it got us thinking about a site we ran across awhile ago. The site Trailer Addict had a large library of good/high quality trailers and a free API to boot. With a little bit of work we threw together a quick movie trailers widget.

About Trailer Addict:

TrailerAddict was created for those who understand what it means to be a fan of movie trailers. Getting to the theater early on purpose, we are bound by the knowledge that trailers are (at times) better than the films they represent. TrailerAddict has been built not for those who like a good trailer now and then, but those who understand that the need to watch trailers is a state of mind.

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Find Cheaper Gas With Gas Price Widget

October 1st, 2008 5 comments

Gas prices hitting you in the pocket book? Try out this Gas Price widget by Motor Trend/ We can’t vouch for the accuracy of the data so try at your own risk.

Overall it’s a pretty simple widget. You enter your zip code, radius for search, gas type and sort order. You are then provided with “up-to-date” (as claimed by the widget creators) gas price list for your area and the locations. The widget has the usual links back to the parent site and Clearspring powered sharing tools.

One simple feature that we felt was overlooked is a “Map It” feature. On each of the listings a “Map It” button could link the user to a Google Maps powered page on This could easily drive more traffic to the site and that map/directions page could be monetized. Leveraging Google Maps or even any other mapping system would be dead simple.

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PopJax Video Trivia Game Widgets

September 14th, 2008 5 comments

Here are some video trivia game widgets from The widgets are pretty straight forward and interesting enough to pass the time. They are leveraging YouTube videos and YouTube services for their widgets. This is a smart move as that will significantly lower their overhead.

The widgets have login and registration within the widgets, this is a nice touch. No need to force people back to home base if it’s not needed. Though, there is a Community/Social Network going on.

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