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Agence France-Presse and NewsGator Partnership to Deliver Olypmic Widget and Content

July 9th, 2008 2 comments

NewsGator announced today that it is partnering with Agence France-Presse to deliver a widget featuring Olympics news and events coverage. Generally this isn’t really big news. With RSS feeds and generic RSS widgets abound, any site can pretty much obtain a Olympics news and events widget.

The really interesting part of this announcement is that the widgets will be advertising supported and brandable. A media property can sign-up to be a partner and provide a branding logo to be included in one of three widget templates. With this partnership you get two sets of code for deployment. One will be to display the widget, whether it be headlines, photos or videos. The second code snippet is to be deployed on the media property, which will be where the end-users actually read the content linked to in the widget. The widget itself is of course grabable with the usual distribution destinations.

What all this means is that the media property receives a branded widget which links back to that media property for consumption of the actual content. On top of that, not only is the widget and premium content free of charge, that media property will receive a $0.20 CPM. That’s a pretty sweet deal; free widget, free content, free traffic back to view the content on your site and $0.20 CPM to boot.

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