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Resurgence of Widget Conversations in 2011?

September 30th, 2010 No comments

Hub and Spoke

Photo Credit: Hofstra

AddThis announced support for sharing of HTML widgets today which led us to post about their announcement. Originally, this post was going to be a review of the AddThis HTML widget sharing service. The news was good for widgets and those interested in widgets; from users to developers to marketers and publishers.

As we began writing about the impact of the announcement and thinking about the widget sharing service, we reflected on the widget space as a whole and some thoughts of late began resurfacing. The various thoughts, questions and ideas prompted us to rethink and change change the post entirely. This is now a generic look at widgets and the possible resurgence of widget conversations in 2011.

This is pure speculation and we are obviously biased towards this view. Indulge us, read the post and let us know what you think.

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AddThis WordPress Plugin Facebook Sharing Patch

February 18th, 2010 2 comments

A few days ago, we’re not sure the exact time, something changed which caused problems when sharing an AddThis WordPress plugin enabled blog page to Facebook. The FB shares do not have the correct page title, description or images. This problem actually affects any page that uses the AddThis code specified in the technical section later in the post. However, we are only going to address the plugin related problems at this time and provide you with a simple patch.

Here’s a quick little patch for the WordPress AddThis plugin. Follow these instructions at your own risk. This patch has only been tested on WP 2.9.2 and AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget 1.6.1. We do not guarantee the patch nor do we take any responsibility if something breaks.

This patch will only fix pages that are considered by WordPress to be A Single Page, Single Post or Attachment (WP Codex: is_singular). These pages are probably the majority of your important shares.

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Clever Hippo a Search Engine for Apps and Widgets

November 14th, 2007 No comments

We just received an email about Clever Hippo. They claim to be a search engine for apps and widgets.

From their email:

Clever Hippo Application Search is a search engine for applications and widgets across the web. A more robust version of our Facebook search app, the new Clever Hippo searches the thousands of applications and widgets that are available for your favorite social network, mobile device, blog, home page, and desktop. Clever Hippo Application Search helps you find the apps and widgets that you are looking for.

After playing around with it for a few minutes, it does seem interesting. There is a fair amount of apps and widgets already in the search engine and there is a submission process for developers to get their apps/widgets included.

The search results are as expected and they have added a voting system for users to vote for popular apps or widgets.

Clever Hippo themselves have both a Facebook app and a HTML widget.

If you have ever used Facebook’s app search, you know how bad it is, which creates a space for Clever Hippo to fill. However, if Facebook ever fixes their app directory and search it will severely impact Clever Hippo.

Branching out to other platforms and systems is a good move for them, but it will be tough to compete with existing well established widget directories. At this point, it’s still better and easier to go to WidgetBox or Apple for specialized searches, among others. However, there is space for a cross platform app and widget specific search engine. So, if they do it right, it could still pay off.

For now, Clever Hippo is pretty basic. For us, its real benefit is that it is a replacement for the broken Facebook app search. We will have to see how they develop and grow the search engine to fill the app/widget search space while there’s little competition.