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Discovering Music

February 6th, 2007 1 comment

TechCrunch has a pretty good round up of social music sites and services (more than just internet radio). If you like music or like discovering music, you should definitely check out the post. While it’s a good write up, it’s difficult to cover everything so don’t skip the comments. TechCrunch readers have contributed more music sites and services and you don’t want to miss those.

While not a social music site or service, don’t forget we have our own little WordPress sidebar widget for The sidebar widget allows you to configure the widget to either display a specific or channel or randomly rotate through the available channels.

BlogTalkRadio – Is Anyone Listening?

July 25th, 2006 No comments

It seems like a natural progression to go from text based blogging to live audio and video, but does BlogTalkRadio have what it takes to push the market? We have already seen vlogging, podcasting, and video broadcasting services so there is definitely a market for this. However, having taken a look at BlogTalkRadio, we’re not sure that it’s the best attempt.

While there are some good qualities, such as MP3/Podcast archives, caller queues, revenue sharing, etc. There are a few hurdles. According to their FAQ, Windows Media Player is required to listen to the broadcasts. If you want to text chat with the host, you will have to use an IM client that’s compatible with the one the host is using. And, to speak live with the host you will have to call into a special number (VoIP, landline, mobile, etc.) It would have been nice if they were able to consolidate everything into one nice little package.

It would be more compelling if you can host a live audio and video broadcast straight from your blog page. Add a listener queue that the host can control and allow text messaging. Give the host the ability to activate and deactivate audio/video of listeners with mics and webcams. Keep all the existing features of archiving, revenue sharing, etc. of BlogTalkRadio. Deliver this app through Flash, widgetize it and you have a widely accessible and usable system without the need to have users piece together the various applications and technologies that BlogTalkRadio currently uses.

Performance and technical details aside, we believe that it is completely possible to deliver such a package. There are advantages to utilizing a phone based system and leveraging existing IM chat software, but will people actually call in to listen on a cell phone while they’re walking to lunch? Or, would it be more effective to streamline the online experience while allowing users to be able to take it offline via MP3/Podcast downloads? Your guess is as good as ours. Our gut feeling says that the market is good, the business model is good, but the implementation falls a little short.

We’ll keep an eye on BlogTalkRadio and see how they progress.

For another take on BlogTalkRadio, Marshall Kirkpatrick has a write up over at TechCrunch.

Explore Music with Digitally Imported

July 13th, 2006 No comments

We had some free time during lunch so we decided to whip up a quick feature for the Digitally Imported Widget. Version 3 is ready for download and includes the new “Randomize” feature. When selected, it will override the normal channel selection and randomly display a channel on each page load. Previously you could only select one channel to display at a time. This will give you and your visitors a way to explore all that DI has to offer and experience new music. The channel list was also updated. 4 new channels were added for a total of 31 DI and Sky Channels. On the list of things to do, add the ability to select a list of channels that will be used to randomize on. See the DI Widget page for details and the download.

Digitally Imported WordPress Sidebar Widget Released

May 29th, 2006 No comments

By request, we are making the Digitally Imported WordPress sidebar widget available to everyone. It was originally just a quick script that we wrote to support our favorite internet radio site and for our personal pleasure. The code is not elegant but it works. Please visit the Digitally Imported WordPress Sidebar Widget page for details.

Disclaimer: This is purely provided to help promote Digitally Imported. Please support that site by keeping the “Powered by” links intact. All images are copyrighted and are provided solely to help with performance and bandwidth.

Digitally Imported Internet Radio

May 26th, 2006 No comments

Everyone needs a distraction from time to time. For us, it’s listening to music from our favorite internet radio site, Digitally Imported. They provide great music for free and there is also a premium service for minimal cost. To help support, we have created a WordPress Sidebar Widget to display the current channel we are tuned into and share DI with others. Go check them out…

Digitally Imported –