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Game and Widget Contests

June 24th, 2008 2 comments

Here are a couple of contests for you to pass your time. One requires no programming knowledge so anyone can try their hand at being a game designer. The second can be more complicated depending on what you do with it.

Enjoy and good luck…


Enter for the chance to win $1,000!

Create a fun game with aliens, spaceships, and robots! The Sims Carnival™ makes it easy for everyone to be a game designer.
Here’s your chance to win these awesome prizes:
Winner will receive the grand prize of $1,000!
2nd and 3rd place entries will each receive a Nintendo® DS

NVIDIA Preface Gadget Development Contest

NVIDIA and Microsoft have come together to allow developers an opportunity to enter a gadget of their creation in the first contest of its kind. What gadget can you create?

Finalists will receive roundtrip airfare to attend NVIDIA’s NVISION event in San Jose, CA (August 25–27) where the winning gadget will be selected by a panel of judges from NVIDIA, Microsoft and Dell. The winner will receive a DELL XPS 420 system and have their gadget featured on the front page of, included in the NVIDIA newsletter, and the Windows SideShow section of Microsoft’s Windows Live Gallery.

[via Widgets Lab]

Jobs and Gates Together Again

June 4th, 2007 No comments

May 30th, 2007 marks the first time that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have shared the stage together in over 20 years. The occasion was the D5 Conference held at the Four Seasons Resort Aviara in Carlsbad by D: All Things Digital. Here is the highlight reel of the interview hosted by Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher.

See more video clips at D: All Things Digital.

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Multi-Touch Surface Computing

May 31st, 2007 No comments

Saw this over at TechCrunch from a couple of days ago. Not widgets related but very interesting none-the-less. Microsoft announced Microsoft Surface, a multi-touch surface computing platform. Users interact with the surface computer through touch, gestures and physical objects placed on the surface.

While touch screens and surface interactions is nothing new, Microsoft has prototyped a package that looks great. See the embedded video below for the demo. The applications can be limitless; table tops, walls, counters, photos, videos, remote controls, maps, menus etc…

Microsoft is looking to release this for initial commercial partners as early as late 2007.

For additional coverage also check out ArsTechnica.

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