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Start Pages Opening Up Their Widgets

January 21st, 2007 No comments

Widgify has a couple of posts on start pages becoming widget management systems and allowing export of their widgets outside of their domains. Here are the Widgify posts on Pageflakes and yourminis.

It’s good to see these companies moving in this direction. We took a look at the offerings and noticed one major difference. The Flakes from Pageflakes are exported in HTML code snippets while the minis are Flash widgets. This means that the Flakes will be limited in where they can be used (social networks do not allow this type of code) and the minis can be used just about anywhere (MySpace, Stickam, blogs, etc).

It will be interesting to see where these two companies take this and if other start page companies will follow.

For NBA fans, here is a yourminis scoreboard widget for the NBA. If you don’t like the yourminis widget, there’s always the scoreboard from SpringWidgets.

[Widget removed, no longer supported.]

Updates Coming to Pageflakes

October 3rd, 2006 No comments

It’s been a while since we have posted about Pageflakes, an Ajax powered start page. We haven’t had the opportunity to work on additional features for the Stickam Contacts Widget which happens to fit will within a Pageflakes start page, utilizing the web page flake.

Over at TechCrunch, Michael Arrington teases us with information regarding a complete redesign and new features for Pageflakes to be launched in the next couple of days. If this is the case, we may have to revisit the Stickam Contacts widget and see how it fits in with the new Pageflakes design.

Michael mentions the ability to “publish” your page for others to view. Some adjustments will be needed to the contacts widget so that the Stickam contacts list can be viewed by people other than the list creator. However, we are not sure we will make this change or what type of options we will provide. Providing the list to your viewers is one thing but giving them the ability to launch into chat is another. Chances are we will put an option in there to display the list only, without the other features for the list creator.

We will keep an eye on this. In any case, we will/should take a look at the Stickam Contacts widget and see what improvements we can make to it. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or requests.

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Will Start Pages Be Around for Long?

August 30th, 2006 No comments

Read/WriteWeb has a great write-up on “Business Models For Start Pages”. It’s definitely a good read for those of you interested in the various companies and the business around it. In particular we like the following paragraph regarding “The Widgetizing of the Web”.

So widgets/gadgets are ramping up to be a key part of the Web platform going forward, which all the start pages (big and small) are ideally placed to leverage. And the smaller start pages have certainly not shied away from building up their platforms. Pageflakes now has 100 “flakes” (i.e. widgets) and recently introduced more customization options. Likewise, Netvibes is putting in a lot of work on their module ecosystem. – Read/WriteWeb

The article puts the start page products and services in very good light and with a decent future ahead. Time will tell…

For those of you less concerned about the business and more interested in start pages as a user, you should give the post and its comments a quick read for links to various products and services. Give them a spin, you might find one that you like.

Don’t forget that we have a widget for managing and staying in contact with your Stickam friends. The widget is currently in preview mode and has been tested to work with Pageflakes, Netvibes and other services.

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Functional Preview: Stickam Contacts Widget

August 9th, 2006 1 comment

We are announcing the functional preview for the Stickam Contacts widget. This is a preview so its features are limited. Please read and understand this entire post before trying and using the preview. Use at your own risk, security and stability were not a priority or focus for this release. The preview is subject to bugs and changes. However, we will try to make announcements with as much lead time as possible and limit changes during the initial preview period.

The intent is to preview the current design and obtain feedback from users. Future features and development will be determined partly from the response we receive.


  • hosted standalone widget – can be used anywhere a web page can be included
  • simple registration
    • attempt login
    • if already registered then validate login
    • if not registered then create registration
  • add contact – Stickam “Profile Names”
  • enter “Alias” for display (optional)
  • status icons (live, chat room, online, offline)
  • delete contact
  • opens Stickam Player, Chat Room or Profile as appropriate
  • auto updates every 5 seconds – no need to refresh page
  • logout

Limitations and Disclaimers:

  • preview status – subject to bugs and changes
  • completely cookies based – for ease of prototyping
    • data is only accessible from the computer that registered and created the list
    • cookies are set to expire after 30 days
    • expire date is reset at last refresh of contacts list
    • if you delete your cookies, all data will be lost
  • basic encryption and security – do not rely on this
  • system is not optimized
  • there may be race conditions

Basic Usage Example – Pageflakes:

  • go to Pageflakes
  • click on “Add Flake” (top left)
  • select “Web Page” from list
  • enter
  • click “Go” (this should load the login page)
  • uncheck “Show toolbar”
  • check “Store as Home Page for Flake”
  • click “Save”
  • click “Add flake to page”
  • configure as normal
  • enjoy…

Basic Usage Example – Bubbles:

  • open Bubbles Settings
  • enter
  • click “Add”
  • configure as normal
  • enjoy…
  • Note 1: new windows do not pop up with the Bubbles Gecko Rendering Engine, but the contact list still functions and updates as normal
  • Note 2: this makes Stickam function more like an Instant Messenger video chat client

Other Usage:

  • blogs
  • websites
  • start pages
  • basically anywhere you can add a web page for viewing or iframe is allowed
  • or… open a browser and go to

Stickam Contacts Prototype Completed…

August 8th, 2006 4 comments

We have completed the Stickam Contacts prototype widget and service. The prototype demonstrates some of the capabilities and features that are planned for the product. Once we clean up and organize the code, we will release a functional demo in the next couple of days. At release, the demo will be a standalone contacts list where you can add/remove Stickam users. The status of each Stickam user is updated without the need for a page refresh. Clicking on the associated status icons will launch the user’s Stickam player for video chat, the chat room that the user is in or the user’s profile page. You can also view a user’s profile by clicking on their name.

This is a prototype demo and intended for gathering user feedback so we have not designed the widget for any specific start page site or system. However, the Contacts widget will work on any site, page or system that allows you to display a web page such as Bubbles, Pageflakes (by setting Stickam Contacts as the Web Page Flake homepage) or iframe enabled page/blog.

Screenshot of Stickam Contacts on Pageflakes:
Contacts in right column using Web Page Flake with a Stickam Player open on top of the Pageflake window.

Pageflakes Stickam Contacts Screenshot

Screenshot of Stickam Contacts with Bubbles:
Bubbles window open to the Contacts page with a Stickam Player and a Chat Room window underneath.

Bubbles Stickam Contacts Screenshot