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Post-it® Shopping Widget

July 30th, 2010 No comments
Post-it® Notes iGoogle Screenshot

Post-it® Notes iGoogle Screenshot

3M, the maker of Post-it® Notes™, recently released a widget (Post-it® Notes™ Shopping Genius) in what looks like a marketing campaign for their Post-it® Notes™ product. The widget turns the classic Post-it® Notes™ into a digital format and transforms the ever useful shopping list into a smart tool. The widget allows you to search for products and add them to a shopping list. As prices and inventory changes, the widget will update the list so you don’t have to. Overall, this seemed like a good marketing tool for their campaign.

We grabbed the iGoogle version of the widget, played around a bit and dug a little deeper. We did not look at the Windows Vista, Windows 7 nor Mac OS X versions. At first glance it looks straight forward.

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Daily Looks Widget From StyleCaster

July 9th, 2009 No comments

Press Release (via email):

StyleCaster Unveils “Daily Looks” Widget

What’s the Temperature? What should I wear? StyleCaster has the answer.

New York, New York, July 9, 2009: Today StyleCaster unveils the “Daily Looks” widget, where it delivers not only the weather, but also three looks that rotate 360 degrees in HD quality styled by leading stylists and fashion influencers. Starting today, members can download the application onto their blog, FaceBook page, Apple Dashboard, or wherever else they live on the web.

StyleCaster is continuously innovating to create new utilities to meet everyday needs. “The first two questions people ask themselves every morning when they wake up are: What’s the temperature? What do I wear?” said Meg Cuna, Chief Content Officer of StyleCaster. “These two questions were the inspiration behind StyleCaster’s ‘Daily Looks’.”

Users can also at any time change their location, at which point it will upload three new looks corresponding to the weather condition in the new area. When users click on a look, StyleCaster automatically directs them to the look’s homepage so that they can learn who styled the looks and see more about each product in the ensemble.

About StyleCaster:
StyleCaster, which recently announced a $4 million round of funding, is a new online platform that provides individuals access to the world of fashion. From style tips optimized for each individual, the latest fashion trends, and a niche social network, to a large catalog of brand-name clothing and the ability to buy fashion items with just a few clicks of the mouse, StyleCaster combines community, content and commerce – and does so based on each member’s personal taste and style.

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Amazing iWidgets Raises $4.1 Million

February 4th, 2009 No comments

It great to hear that even in today’s economic climate, there are still companies out there that can raise some serious funding. We’re especially glad to see that it’s a widget company. iWidgets raised $4.1 Million in Series A funding from Opus Capital and University Venture Fund.

Press Release (via Sexy Widget):

iWidgets Lands $4 Million to Reach Millions of Online Consumers Through Social Syndication

iWidgets introduces next-generation technology platform for taking big brands’ content to the places where people are spending time online

SAN FRANCISCO, February 4, 2009 — iWidgets, the Social Syndication Company™, has raised $4.1 million in Series A funding led by Opus Capital, a leading early-stage venture capital firm in Menlo Park, Calif. and University Venture Fund, a collaborative venture between universities, students and private equity funds based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

iWidgets today is also announcing the addition of Geoff Katz to the executive team as vice president of business development and marketing. Katz, an interactive television industry pioneer and digital media veteran, also currently serves on the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Board of Governors. He joins iWidgets after stints with TiVo, DirectTV and brand experience design agency Method. The timing of iWidgets’ Series A funding and the addition of Katz to the team is a direct result of market demand for new and creative ways to reach consumers online.

“Now is the time to exploit the iWidgets technology and start to capitalize on the intense interest we’ve had from media companies of all stripes,” said Peter Yared, iWidgets CEO. “With these new investors, we are positioned to radically change the way brands interact with their fans online by helping them join the social media revolution at a massively reduced cost.”

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Agence France-Presse and NewsGator Partnership to Deliver Olypmic Widget and Content

July 9th, 2008 2 comments

NewsGator announced today that it is partnering with Agence France-Presse to deliver a widget featuring Olympics news and events coverage. Generally this isn’t really big news. With RSS feeds and generic RSS widgets abound, any site can pretty much obtain a Olympics news and events widget.

The really interesting part of this announcement is that the widgets will be advertising supported and brandable. A media property can sign-up to be a partner and provide a branding logo to be included in one of three widget templates. With this partnership you get two sets of code for deployment. One will be to display the widget, whether it be headlines, photos or videos. The second code snippet is to be deployed on the media property, which will be where the end-users actually read the content linked to in the widget. The widget itself is of course grabable with the usual distribution destinations.

What all this means is that the media property receives a branded widget which links back to that media property for consumption of the actual content. On top of that, not only is the widget and premium content free of charge, that media property will receive a $0.20 CPM. That’s a pretty sweet deal; free widget, free content, free traffic back to view the content on your site and $0.20 CPM to boot.

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KickApps and Clearspring Widget Partnership Announced

June 10th, 2008 No comments

Not to be out done by the recent press release of RockYou‘s $35M round of funding, KickApps and Clearspring announces a partnership to “ACCELERATE

We’ve not seen any of the KickApps Widget Studio beta or features that spawn out of this partnership, so this is a very interesting development and we’ll keep an eye on it.


Companies Collaborate on Advancing KickApps’ WidgeAD™ Format and Clearspring’s Widget Ad Network

New York and Mc Lean, VA, June 10, 2008 — KickApps, the leading on demand social media platform, and Clearspring Technologies Inc., the world’s largest widget syndication and tracking service, today announced a strategic partnership to further accelerate widget usage and monetization. Under the agreement, Clearspring will promote KickApps’ new WYSIWYG Widget Studio (currently in beta), a self-service widget-authoring environment to the Clearspring user base. This will enable Clearspring customers to easily build their own rich-media and interactive widgets with tremendous ease. KickApps will use Clearspring’s powerful distribution and tracking services to provide one-click distribution and in-depth analytics to anyone using the KickApps Platform.