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Hub, Spoke and Widgets

February 5th, 2008 No comments

Lawrence has a great post over at Sexy Widget on “Building a Web Service in a Distributed World.” While he raises more questions than answers, he does provide details and a viewpoint based on his experiences and his company, We agree that there isn’t a one size fits all solution and that each company will have to look hard to see what model fits their business.

Here’s a excerpt from the post to wet your appetite.

So what’s the right model? Fully distributed like Zynga or a focus on a core community with only marginal outreach to the SNS like Yelp? And how should you manage your various user bases? Should a user on one SNS be able to interact with a user of another SNS via your app (Zynga)? Or should the user bases be kept separate (iLike and Flixster)? And what should be the ultimate goal of your distributed business? Reach or feature ownership? And what brings a higher chance of success porting an existing web service to the social networks (Flixster), or building something native (Renkoo)?

It’s unlikely that one size will fit all. But I have come to some conclusions in regards to my own company.

It’s called Hub and Spoke.

Head on over to read the entire post.

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Cool Widget on the Horizon from RateItAll

May 9th, 2007 2 comments
RateItAll is currently beta testing a new full featured widget. It’s pretty well rounded and provides tons of information. Basically, the widget extends and gives your site visitors access to the RateItAll system without ever leaving your site.

About RateItAll (from the widget):

“RateItAll is a distributed rating network that allows you to quickly and easily add consumer ratings and community to your blog or website.”

See right for our RateItAll Site Review widget. Feel free to rate us and provide written reviews.

The widget provides you with a way to let your site/blog visitors review/rate or obtain reviews/ratings from others. On load, the widget provides the visitor with the rating form (stars) and text field for a written review. If the visitor is already a RateItAll member, upon login, the rating and review will be submitted. Otherwise, the visitor can create an account right from within the widget.

Along the bottom of the widget there are a couple of additional features. Clicking the “Community” button will present the list of people who have provided a rating and what their rating was. “Reviews” will display the latest user review and you can page through the available written reviews and ratings.

The widget can be used to rate and review the site it’s on, a topic being discussed or a specific product. In short, anything that can be reviewed.

At any time, visitors can click through the ratings and reviews to the RateItAll site for more information and additional features. As it stands, the widget itself provides most of the RateItAll platform that is immediately relevant to the visitor. This strikes a nice balance of providing the site/blog owner with added value without steering visitors away. All too often we see widgets that add no value and pull visitors away. This is not the case here and on the contrary it may actually drive traffic to your site.

Since the widget is driven by the RateItAll system, all information is pushed back to RateItAll. What this means is that your site/blog will now be exposed to the traffic and users of RateItAll, without any additional work. RateItAll claims they are currently at about 800K monthly uniques. In addition to the features already discussed above, this is a nice added bonus.

If you are interested in beta testing this widget, you can get on the list here.

This post is getting a bit long so we will spare you from the analysis of how this widget benefits RateItAll and its business.

For additional coverage, check out Read/WriteWeb.

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March Madness Widget #3

March 16th, 2007 No comments

Here is the third March Madness widget that we’ve come across. This one is brought to you by RateItAll and MuseStorm.

RateItAll provides the rating and commenting system for all the teams in the Tourney. The resulting feed is fed through MuseStorm and presented in the widget. Each team with its rating and latest comment is displayed and cycled through.

See what others are saying and how your favorite team is rated.

[via Sexy Widget]

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2007 Super Bowl Commercials Ratings List Presented by RateItAll

February 9th, 2007 No comments
In case you missed the big game and the commercials or you just want to see them again. RateItAll is running its Super Bowl Commercials ratings list for the sixth year in a row. You can view, rate or comment on the commercials and see what others have to say.

You can access the commercials through the widget on the right. The widget is powered by MuseStorm and obtained from Sexy Widget through Widgets Lab (who reminded us about this widget). Feel free to grab a copy for yourself and spread the widget around. Just click “+ Add to your website” at the bottom of the widget to start the process.

You may want to wait until you’re done with work before starting down this path. It could eat up a good chunk of your Friday. But, it is Friday after all…

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