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Within Route Widget – find businesses along your route

August 9th, 2010 No comments
Within Route

Within Route

Within Route is a site and widget that allows you to quickly and easily find businesses along your route. Powered by Yelp and Google Maps, enter your start and end locations along with a search term. The driving route is returned with businesses matching your criteria within approximately 1 mile of your route. Click on a business marker and get driving directions with the business set as a waypoint. With this new service provided by Within Route, you can quickly plan a pit stop on your way to your destination.

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Widget Tool to Generate Google Static Maps With Routes and Paths

February 26th, 2010 No comments
Google Static Maps

Google Static Maps

You can now easily generate Google static maps with routes and paths using our new widget.

1) Use the map tool to draw your routes and paths

  • Find the location you want to start with and click on map to drop the marker
  • Find the next location and repeat
  • You can move a marker after has been dropped
  • To move great distances in the map you can enter the location and search; centering the map using the search does not drop a marker

2) The static map URL will be automatically generated for you

3) Click “Preview Map” to open the static map preview in a new window/tab

4) Copy/Paste the URL to your web site, page or blog as a IMG tag SRC

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