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Widgets to go Mainstream on a TV Near You

January 7th, 2008 No comments

It’s hard to keep track of everything that goes on at CES but Ivan over at Snipperoo blog had an interesting post, Aquos Net Brings “widgets” to TVs. So, we went digging to find out more.

Basically, it looks like Sharp will be offering an ethernet jack on some of their LCD TVs and a service to go along with it called Aquos Net. You will be able to load approved widgets on your TV and access the internet. The photos and video shows a few different widget view configurations.

It’s nice to see widgets go mainstream like this. While we have to wait to see how this will all really work and what’s on the approved widget list, we do see how this could be a good thing. Not everyone is attached to a computer or has one next to the TV, so having access to some information like weather or stock ticker would be convenient. There are obviously weather and stock channels, but not having to channel flip will appeal to some.

We are interested to see how this develops and if other TV/electronics manufacturers will follow.

Gizmodo has a couple of posts with photos and video that better show what Aquos Net by Sharp is all about.

5 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Widget Platform

November 23rd, 2007 No comments

We saw this over at Snipperoo Blog and thought that it was good information, so we are passing it along. This was originally posted by MuseStorm. We’ve posted the first three questions. Visit MuseStorm for the complete list.

MuseStorm: How to Select a Content / Widget Syndication Solution

  1. What are the authoring capabilities of the service?

    Time to market is crucial in today’s fast-changing world with fickle user preferences. Publishers and media companies need a solution that enables them to quickly and easily author widgets and applications for the right platform and distribution channel. Solutions that require you to create your own widgets and applications might slow down your time to market.

    Learn more about the MuseStorm Authoring module and the Widget Studio.

  2. Which distribution channels are supported by the syndication service?

    As your users become more and more tech savvy, they demand more interaction with your message and content via different destinations, formats and devices. A good syndication solution provides more than just Web widgets. Desktop, Instant Messaging and mobile devices are all part of the mix, and your syndication service should support all of them.

    Learn more about MuseStorm Intelligent Delivery.

  3. Can you capitalize on and monetize your distribution effectively?

    A powerful distribution solution enables you to capitalize on your hard-earned distribution. The flexibility of integrating advertising with your content, the ability to trigger monetization options based on user actions and the dynamic nature of the solution all play a role.

    Learn more about the MuseStorm Capitalize module.

Don’t forget our own 10 Things to Consider When Building Widgets.

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Widget Developers Your Opinion Matters

October 4th, 2007 No comments

Hooman over at Widgify is conducting a widget survey asking “What is most important type of service to you as a Widget Developer?” Both Hooman and Clearspring are very receptive to feedback from the community and widget developers, so head over to Widgify and voice your opinion.

As a side note, the provider of the poll widget needs to remove the registration requirement for people to copy and distribute an existing poll. We would have included the actual poll widget here, but stopped short of registering on due to the requirement. Again, this is a sure way to kill off the viral distribution of widgets. Ivan of Snipperoo Blog concurs and adds a couple of additional points.

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Must Read for Widget Developers and More

May 15th, 2007 No comments

If you have anything to do with developing or utilizing widgets, you must read following two posts. The first was posted yesterday by Ivan over at the Snipperoo Blog. Ivan lists his “Ten Sins of the Widget Makers“. We happen to agree with all his points. Widget makers need to be more aware of how their widget can and will be used. Just because it’s a widget doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve the respect and attention that is required.

“It amazes me that, despite all the love and attention that is put into widgets, most widget producers don’t seem to pay much attention to the needs of their customers – the widget users.” - Ivan

The second must read was posted today by Lawrence over at Sexy Widget. In his post he dissected the RateItAll widget that is currently in beta. He does a great job of going through each element of the widget and various decisions made for each. The insight into that process is invaluable. Everyone should put that much focus on their widgets.

“Any widget that expects to earn real estate on a blog must bring something to the table for the host site.” - Lawrence

The bottom line is that widgets have a major role to play and all those involved need to be aware of various aspects of a widget. The widget needs to be evaluated and planned just as much as any other major feature or project. Its development should not be done completely devoid of business needs and goals nor should it be released without review against some technical guidelines. While there is no magical check list, if you are able to marry the technical with business and make informed decisions, you will have a much better chance of long term success.

PayPerWidget Extends Snipperoo

April 13th, 2007 No comments

Again, we are late with this so check out Mashable and Sexy Widget for more detailed coverage. We have registered for the trial. So, once it begins we should be providing a follow-up post.

PayPerWidget basically pairs site publishers/bloggers with widgets producers and provides a way for the publishers to monetize their space. The widgets producers register the widget with the Snipperoo PayPerWidget system and set the rate that they are willing to pay for placement. Site publisher allocate space for and selects widgets at the given rates. PayPerWidget is basically just an extension of the existing Snipperoo widget distribution platform.

This is a great way for widgets producers to entice site owners display and potentially help distribute the widgets. At the same time, it gives site owners another way to monetize their sites. We see this as a win-win for both sides.

We would love to add a new revenue stream to StickiWidgets and promote widgets at the same time. Let’s hope this is as good as we hope.

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