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PayPal MySpace Fundraising Widgets

October 27th, 2007 No comments

PayPal partners with MySpace to deliver fundraising widgets for a handful of charities, non-profits and political candidates. The fundraising widget is pretty typical for what it is. There is an interesting drag and zoom interface for viewing supporters. However, once there is a more than a few supporters it’s no longer all that useful. We would have liked to see a more functional way to browse the list even if it’s not as cool. The partnership with MySpace comes along with unrestricted access from Flash. With allowscriptaccess and allownetworking, the PayPal widget has external links enabled from the widget.

While it’s not advertised, you can take the embed code provided and paste it anywhere. Once the widget is outside MySpace, it is actually aware of that and changes from “Add this to your Profile” to “Add this to your Page.” This allows PayPal and MySpace to customize the way users interact with the widget and copy the widget. The flow presented to users viewing the widget on is different than that of users viewing the same widget embeded on another site.

PayPal gains users of their service as contributions and funds are provided via their service. The is definitely a smart play for PayPal and gives them access and exposure to MySpace users. They also benefit from the power of social recommendation and the good will of charitable giving. Let’s not forget that they left the back door open for the widget to go viral outside of MySpace.

As social networks continue to open up their platform and allow access to their social graph, it will be interesting to see how companies take advantage of this. Due to possible security concerns and other policies, it will mostly only be large legitimate companies who will gain the trust of the social networks and be allowed unrestricted Flash embeds. Imagine a widget that goes beyond the one we just described, a widget that is aware of its embed location, interacts and presents different features to users with specific information from the available social graph.

We will continue to see widgets evolve to be intelligent full featured applications.

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Widgets and API Announcements

August 31st, 2007 No comments

Joost announces their API via their forum. The forum post provides the login info to access their API development site so you can play with the API.

“There have been a lot of changes and improvements to Joost recently. One that you might not have noticed is that with the newest release Joost 0.12.0 a new Widget API is available that makes it possible for third parties to create their own Joost widgets.”

Hi5 introduces their new widget gallery. Currently, the gallery only includes widgets from Slide and RockYou, but it looks like they are looking to expand the offerings. If you are a widget developer, they would like to hear from you via their contact form.

“We’re pleased to announce our new widget gallery. Widgets allow you to add all kinds of interesting content to your profile — slide-shows, games and more.”

Hi5 is also beta testing their API.

“Welcome to the API for We’ve got a full SOAP API, and even a few REST endpoints. Feel free to check it out!”

Widget Summit 2007 Announced

“Widget Summit is a two-day conference on widgets and content syndication. Web pages have gotten smaller, dynamic, and distributed as components within the desktop, personalized homepage, social network, blog sidebars, mobile phones, and even dedicated hardware. Today’s publishers need to reach their audience wherever and whenever they may choose to interact with content. Widgets lead the way towards a distributed web loosely joined.”

[all of the above via Snipperoo Blog]

Ning Badges, Widgets and Self Promotion

August 23rd, 2007 3 comments

We haven’t been around Ning for a while and our hockey network was a big flop. But, with the upcoming season we stopped by to see where we left off. It’s not pretty. There are a whopping 4 members for Center Ice. Then we noticed a new (to us) badges and widgets section. Clicking through, we were presented with 4 badges/widgets to grab and help promote your Nine network. So, with the upcoming season and the badges, we are going to put some more effort into our little Center Ice hockey network on Ning. Maybe this time around we can actually get some traction, armed with the new badges/widgets and a renewed drive.

1) Profile Badge – Tell others you are a member of a Ning network.
View my profile on Center Ice

2/3) Small/Large Network Badges – Displays the network name and some info about membership.

4) Music Player – Allows playback of playlists. (blank example since it doesn’t apply to our Center Ice network)

Find more music like this on Center Ice

Each one of the badges/widgets allow for basic customizations. While these are pretty basic, it is a nice easy way for people to try and get visibility for their Ning networks and hope to grow their memberships and traffic.

So, if you’re into hockey, feel free to drop by and help build the community. There’s NHL highlights from YouTube, complete games from Google Video search, NHL News and Scores, forum and IRC chat.

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3 Free Pownce Invites

July 13th, 2007 27 comments

Our good friend Derek over at Widgets Lab was kind enough to provide us with a Pownce invite. If you didn’t know, Pownce is currently in private beta and available by invite only. We have not spent enough time on the system yet to provide a review, so here’s the info from the Pownce About page.

“Pownce is a way to send stuff to your friends. What kind of stuff? You can send just about anything: music, photos, messages, links, events, and more. You can do it all on our web site, or install our lightweight desktop software that lets you get out of the browser.” – Pownce About Page

If you’re interested in Pownce and would like an invite, we have 3 available for our readers. Just leave a comment on this post with your request and make sure to enter your email address in the email field of the comment form. The email will not be displayed and rest assured we will never share your email with anyone.

For reviews and more information check out:

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Sharing Our Review of Fliva

July 9th, 2007 No comments

We went over to (Share Your Individuality) to check out their widget.

From their FAQ: What is Fliva?

“A way to create a cool widget to post to your web page or community site, or add a link in your email signature to give viewers some unique insights into your personality. Answer a few questions, fill out some favorites, and Publish!”

Registration was simple and quick. Setting up the widget was also a simple process. The setup tool steps you nicely through the tabs and necessary information. We like the “Colorize” slider. It had an adequate number of colors, but a few more shades wouldn’t hurt. When you are ready to “Publish”, you can link to a page hosted by (if for some odd reason you don’t have anywhere to put it), automatically push to a handful of social network/community sites or grab the embed code for yourself.

There are things you can learn about people based on how they answer certain questions. Fliva does a decent job of providing a quick little tool/widget for people to use. And, it looks nice.

However, there were a few things that we felt could have been improved on. We saw the list of additional questions to add, but we did not see where you could create your own questions. The default list is a bit limiting. The “Favorites” list allows for user input, so why not the Q&A?

Another thing that was missing was some size options. It would have gone perfectly with the Colorize feature. This kind of widget seems to lend itself to being permanently displayed. The default 446px widget works well for a basic static profile page. An adjustable or even just a sidebar option would have been nice. With some tweaks, the content is still workable in a narrow sidebar format.

Overall, the setup was painless and the widget looks nice. Just a few minor details would make for a better widget. Lastly, the all Flash interface felt a little sluggish (not sure if it was just us) and more than 10 characters for the Nickname would give users more choices.

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