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Low Cost Entry into Internet Broadcasting?

June 1st, 2006 No comments

We are looking into various ways of utilizing the Stickam video platform which may or may not be its original intent. If you visit the Stickam Broadcasting Center of this site, you will see what we are experimenting with here at StickiWidgets. With an existing site, some low cost hardware, and a free account on Stickam you can begin broadcasting video over the internet. There is the basic built-in functionality of the Stickam player and viewer but with some simple coding we have cropped the viewer image to a display only. This will provide site viewers with just a basic video stream to watch. With the default Stickam player you can broadcast live video to your viewers. If you utilize a third party program like SplitCam (also free) you can stream recorded videos. As you can see, with little effort and cost, there are endless possibilities for starting your own internet broadcast station, whether it be person, news, meetings, video blogs, security monitor, etc. We are still working out some of the kinks and performance issues so check back often for updates on the Stickam Broadcasting Center experiment and other happening here at StickiWidgets.

Initial Setup and Cost:

  • computer (assume you already have one; Stickam does seem to be a resource hog though)
  • website (assume you already have one) or $35+ per year for hosting and domain
  • webcam – $25+
  • mic – $10+
  • Stickam account – free
  • SplitCam – free

What we use: