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June 13th, 2007 No comments

As of June 1, 2007, we have officially ended our project engagement with All this basically means is that we are once again free to discuss and provide services relating to Stickam and its industry sector.

We continue to maintain close ties and relationships with Stickam.

StickiWidgets is an independently owned and run website.

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Friday Entertainment and Custom Stickam Player Widget

June 1st, 2007 2 comments

Update (2007.06.02): Epileptic Gaming will be covering the Blizzard US Regional Finals for Warcraft 3 LIVE this weekend so check them out.

We build a custom Stickam player widget for our friends over at Epileptic Gaming. Epileptic Gaming is a live internet show focusing on video games and the gaming culture. They do a great show so if you are into gaming you should definitely check them out. The show airs LIVE every weekday at 7:00 PM Eastern / 4:00 PM Pacific.

Epileptic Gaming utilizes Stickam to do the live video broadcast and chat sessions. We have wrapped the Stickam player in our own custom widget. The custom widget displays the Epileptic Gaming player by default and their list of Stickam friends. If the show is LIVE, the player will auto start. To open the full video chat room, click on “enter chat”. You can check out their friends if you like. Friends who are LIVE on Stickam will have a webcam icon next to their name.

The widget also helps promote CAGcast, another gaming show.

If you like the show and would like to spread the word, click the “i” icon to get the code for the widget.

Currently playing is Critical Hit, “a weekly panelist show where leading members of the industry will get together for honest, frank discussions about the inner workings of the gaming industry and gaming communities.” Critical Hit airs Fridays at 2:30 PM Pacific (on the EG account) before the Epileptic Gaming show.

[update (05/28/2008) - widget removed and discontinued due to lack of Stickam API support]

Impact of Stickam Updates on StickiWidgets

May 31st, 2007 No comments

Update 2007.06.01: The major impact is on users who have private Stickam Chat Rooms. The password input has been changed and the old method no longer works. All this means is that the password option for the redirect service no longer functions. You will be prompted to enter the password once the chat room window opens.

Stickam released several changes to their site today. Some of these changes have minor effects on various services and widgets provided by StickiWidgets. This will only be a minor inconvenience for most of you. So, rather than rush to make changes on our end, we are waiting a couple of days to make sure the Stickam changes have settled down before we update our code. Most of you will not notice anything at all.

If you have an urgent issue, feel free to contact us. We will evaluate the situation and prioritize the fixes as needed.

For contact info, see the About Us page.

Misc Widgets News

April 10th, 2007 No comments

We’ve been a bit behind on this blog. Our full time positions have taken over lately. So here is a quick post on misc widgets news.

Hooman posted Part 2 of his 2 Part Series yesterday. Head over to Widgify and check them out. They are definitely a must read.

New IdgetsWay widgets blog discovered via Sexy Widget.

We also quietly released our “My Stickam Friends” widget. It was built for our personal use and is not quite polished off. But, rather than let it sit on the back burners we released it for public use. It’s pretty basic in its current form but does its job nicely in being able to track your friends on Stickam and launching their chat windows directly. Check out the “My Stickam Friends” page for more info.

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My Stickam Friends Widget

March 30th, 2007 No comments

Update: The updated widget has been released and is compatible with both MySpace and Stickam. Check out the main My Stickam Friends Widget page for details.

We have been working on a new My Stickam Friends widget. This widget grabs the list of friends and their status (first 40 friends on your Stickam friends page). An icon is displayed next to each name to indicate their status. Clicking the user’s name will either launch their Stickam video chat (if they are broadcasting live) or you will be taken to the user’s profile page.

Status Icons:

Stickam Live Chat
In a Chat Room

A widget page will be created and the widget code will be released shortly. There are still a few minor features we would like to include before the first release.

Currently the widget is not MySpace or Stickam friendly. The widget will embed just fine and pull in the friends list and status. But, due to the allowNetworking setting, you will not be able to launch a chat or navigate to a profile page. We plan on having a solution for this.

Check back over the next few days for updates.

[update (05/28/2008) - widget removed and discontinued due to lack of Stickam API support]
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