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Stickam Data and Images Now Updated Every 5 Minutes

January 3rd, 2007 No comments

To help bring in the New Year, we have updated and optimized our data services. All data provided by StickiWidgets is now updated at 5 minute intervals. This should help everyone who is using our widgets and/or services. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations and the nature of real-time events, 5 minutes is about as a good as it’s going to get and you will occasionally miss someone.

All image widgets have also been set to be re-generated every 5 minutes. As a result, the status chicklets and chat room images will now be more accurate.

Both the Serendipitous Chat and Kismet Chat sites also benefit from this update. Additionally, we have new code on these two sites to make on-demand checks with Stickam before returning “Live” users. The outcome is significantly fewer off-line users.

Keep in mind; this is completely on our side. Stickam itself also caches their data so the actual freshness of the data is our interval plus theirs. However, their update interval should be significantly faster than ours so it should not be much more than 5 minutes combined.

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Quick Update to Redirection Service and Chat Room Images

December 27th, 2006 No comments

Due to some issues with the Redirection Service and Chat Room Images using case sensitive names, it was too easy for users to lose track of their rooms due to a typo in the case of the Stickam chat room name. The quick fix for us was to convert all redirection and chat room image names to all lower case. This is not the best solution but it is the quickest and easiest fix for everyone. If your redirect and/or image links have broken recently, this is why. Please update all your redirect and image links to all lower case and they should begin working again.

There is already a patch on the server side for the redirection service so there should be no interruptions. However, the chat room images are only saved for 7 days. What this means is that the images will not break and will be still displayed, but the users in the chat rooms will be incorrectly displayed.


  • Chat Room Name: Stickam Lounge
  • Old URL Name: StickamLounge
  • New URL Name: stickamlounge

Please check the Stickam Chat Room Image Widget page to reference the exact name to use if you are still unclear.

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Stickam Developers Contest

December 13th, 2006 No comments

Since we started work at Stickam on the same day that the Stickam Developers Contest began, we are not eligible for the contest. However, that doesn’t mean YOU couldn’t or shouldn’t participate. The contest involves developing widgets, tools or whatever else you can think of using the published Stickam APIs. All of the existing Stickam widgets and services developed here at StickiWidgets utilizes the Stickam API in some form or fashion. The data service we provide is actually driven in part by the APIs.

The first place prize is a PS3 and a $1000 cash prize. There will be 20 consolation prizes consisting of a Stickam web cam and a Stickam t-shirt. Check here for the official contest rules.

There is still plenty of time to meet the contest deadline of 10:00 a.m., PT, December 31, 2006.

Good luck and let’s see what everyone can imagine and create.

Stickam Developers Contest Banner

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Full Disclosure: Working for

December 1st, 2006 No comments

Full Disclosure: We (the StickiWidgets staff) have entered into a working relationship with as of December 1, 2006. Due to potential conflicts of interest, we will have to evaluate new widgets development and everything else we do with a different perspective. However, existing systems, services and widgets will remain functional. StickiWidgets is and will continue to be an independent site, only the people behind the scenes are working for

We will do our best to continue providing services and content to users as long as there are no conflicts of interest. We value our readers/users and your understanding is appreciated.

Companies/Sites/Services Please Read: Anyone who is considering sending information or invitations for reviews of products, companies, sites or services needs to clearly understand this disclosure. We are not responsible for any information or access that is provided to StickiWidgets and its staff.

Please visit and review it for potential conflicts before sending information to StickiWidgets.

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Stickam WordPress Sidebar Widget – Minor Bug Fix

November 26th, 2006 2 comments

We discovered a minor bug in the Stickam WordPress Sidebar Widget. If there is more than one chat room with the same name, the Chat Room Monitor would display both with incorrect formatting. We provided a quick fix that corrects this problem. All chat rooms that match the name specified will now be displayed correctly with the latest version 8.

You can download the latest version 8 from the Stickam WordPress Sidebar Widget page.