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Find Alternative Fuel Filling Stations Near You on

November 14th, 2008 1 comment

Green Car Logo

This is not a widget related post. But, in light of some comments regarding our last post on the cheap gas widget, here’s a post on where to find alternative fuel filling stations near you.

We try to be green here and we know many of our readers do too.

So, for those of you interested in green cars and are looking for filling stations to power your green car, check out and their Alternative Fuel Filling Station tool. BTW, this would be a great tool to widgetize and build an iPhone app for…

The site also has great information regarding electric cars, hybrids, the technologies powering them and more.

Find specific information like MPG and EPA ratings on cars and read articles about them.

Update (Nov 20, 2008):
LA Auto Show – 2009 Green Car of the Year Award – VW Jetta Clean Diesel Wins 2009 Green Car of the Year!

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Game and Widget Contests

June 24th, 2008 2 comments

Here are a couple of contests for you to pass your time. One requires no programming knowledge so anyone can try their hand at being a game designer. The second can be more complicated depending on what you do with it.

Enjoy and good luck…


Enter for the chance to win $1,000!

Create a fun game with aliens, spaceships, and robots! The Sims Carnival™ makes it easy for everyone to be a game designer.
Here’s your chance to win these awesome prizes:
Winner will receive the grand prize of $1,000!
2nd and 3rd place entries will each receive a Nintendo® DS

NVIDIA Preface Gadget Development Contest

NVIDIA and Microsoft have come together to allow developers an opportunity to enter a gadget of their creation in the first contest of its kind. What gadget can you create?

Finalists will receive roundtrip airfare to attend NVIDIA’s NVISION event in San Jose, CA (August 25–27) where the winning gadget will be selected by a panel of judges from NVIDIA, Microsoft and Dell. The winner will receive a DELL XPS 420 system and have their gadget featured on the front page of, included in the NVIDIA newsletter, and the Windows SideShow section of Microsoft’s Windows Live Gallery.

[via Widgets Lab]

Widgets to go Mainstream on a TV Near You

January 7th, 2008 No comments

It’s hard to keep track of everything that goes on at CES but Ivan over at Snipperoo blog had an interesting post, Aquos Net Brings “widgets” to TVs. So, we went digging to find out more.

Basically, it looks like Sharp will be offering an ethernet jack on some of their LCD TVs and a service to go along with it called Aquos Net. You will be able to load approved widgets on your TV and access the internet. The photos and video shows a few different widget view configurations.

It’s nice to see widgets go mainstream like this. While we have to wait to see how this will all really work and what’s on the approved widget list, we do see how this could be a good thing. Not everyone is attached to a computer or has one next to the TV, so having access to some information like weather or stock ticker would be convenient. There are obviously weather and stock channels, but not having to channel flip will appeal to some.

We are interested to see how this develops and if other TV/electronics manufacturers will follow.

Gizmodo has a couple of posts with photos and video that better show what Aquos Net by Sharp is all about.

Widgets 101

October 1st, 2007 No comments

Naill Kennedy has a couple of good posts last week on the history and definition of widgets. Here are the first paragraphs of each post. Head over to Naill Kennedy’s blog for the full articles.

A brief widget history – Sept. 27

“The widget technology we take for granted today has been over 25 years in the making. Small pieces of customized desktop and web content have made their way into our lives whether you call it an accessory, a widget, a web part, or a gadget. Below is a visual timeline of widget history and a brief summary of how some of today’s widget sectors got their start.”

Widget nomenclature – Sept. 30

“Widget terminology often confuses newcomers. The variance of terms — widget, gadget, module, badge, button, etc. — can create impressions of a fragmented industry in its early days, not able to agree on anything as simple as a name. In this post I will walk you through the etymology and nomenclature of widgets and its variances. I interpret each term as a separate meaning, not a synonym, depending on the structure and use of widget content.”

He also has several good and in-depth posts on widgets. Do a quick search on his blog.

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Explore Widgets at WidgetDevCamp DC

September 17th, 2007 No comments

WidgetDevCamp Logo

Our good friends over at Clearspring are helping organize a WidgetDevCamp in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, our schedule does not allow us to participate. That shouldn’t stop anyone else though…

WidgetDevCamp is a DevCamp-style event in Washington DC for anyone interested in Widget and modular app development.

It will be a chance for discussion, learning and some collaborative widget hacking. Come and share information on the latest topics in widget development, and see what kinds of prototypes can be built with a group of smart folks together in one place for a day or two. Did you have fun at BarCamp DC? WidgetDevCamp should be fun too.

Designers, developers, product marketers — anyone interested in the potential of widgets and other distributed applications (including Facebook) — come on out!

The event is currently still in the planning stages, but it’s slated for a weekend in late October around the Metro D.C. area. For more information, check out the WidgetDevCamp Wiki.