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Travel Map Widget Updated With Search

October 14th, 2009 No comments

We’ve updated our Where Would You Like To Go Today Widget with a Google search bar. The new feature allows you to perform a search within the boundaries of the map display.

So, if you are viewing Los Angeles and do a search for sushi, you will likely get search results for sushi restaurants. This is a nice little feature for locating points of interest. You can then quickly view more search results or click through to more information and directions to/from the location.

Below is an example of the feature within our widget. The widget is a bit small for everything we’ve packed into it. Since this is a R&D widget and a playground for us, usability is not always on the top of our list. Sorry… However, this shows the possibilities of a travel widget mashup.

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Where Would You Like to Go Today

June 25th, 2009 No comments

This is a widget we built for fun, so there’s no review, just info.

Where would like to go today? is a widget for checking out places through Google Maps and photos of nearby destinations.

  • Enter a location and click “Go!”
  • You will be presented with a map of your location and photos of nearby places
  • Use this to help plan your next trip or travels
  • Use this to daydream
  • Or, use this to just get away for a few minutes
  • Click on “Get & Share” to get or put this widget on your favorite site/location
  • Default location changes on occasion based on our own interests at any given moment
  • Search for near by points of interest such as hotels & restaurants (added 2009-10-14)

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Travel Widgets for Planning a Trip or Just Dreaming

April 16th, 2009 No comments

Down in the dumps, bored, laid off, need a break or just want to dream?

Here are some widgets from to get you started.

Each of the widgets does something different.

  • Travel Weather and Season Predictor: Enter a destination, month and get the weather prediction with information about the travel season.
  • Travel Cost Calculator: Enter a destination and it spits out the “estimated” daily cost. You can specify Budget, Mid range or Luxury and your choice of 3 currencies.
  • Travel Picture of the Day: Auto updates daily with a new vacation picture to distract you from what you’re suppose to be doing.

Overall, the 3 widgets are nice and simple. We can see how they would be interesting and add value to a site or blog. One thing we really liked is the input suggestions and auto complete on the destination input fields. It definitely makes it easier to input and get the right destinations.

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