Where Would You Like to Go Today Widget

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This is a widget we built for fun.

Where would like to go today? is a widget for checking out places through Google Maps and photos of nearby destinations. Also, search for relevant nearby points of interests such as restaurants.

  • Enter a location and click “Go!”
  • You will be presented with a map of your location and photos of nearby places
  • Use this to help plan your next trip or travels
  • Use this to daydream
  • Or, use this to just get away for a few minutes
  • Default location changes on occasion based on our own interests at any given moment
  • Search for near by points of interest such as hotels & restaurants (added 2009-10-14)
  • Share to your favorite sites or Copy & Paste the JavaScript code to your site

As always, feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.

Enjoy your trip around the world…

Maps powered by: Google Maps

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  1. August 7th, 2009 at 11:29 | #1

    This is really good fun widget. Every web site on Earth should have this somewhere. Very good widget… it should get some kind of award. Keep it up.

  1. October 14th, 2009 at 22:31 | #1